Steve Moreau
Steve MoreauAcupuncture Physician

Steve’s interest in natural healing started in his early college years with an avid interest in herbal healing that has since expanded. After college while seeking answers for his own health he was introduced to acupuncture. This proved to be the beginning of a health odyssey of sorts and along the way he completed several clinical tours in Sri Lanka in 1996 and 1997. His overseas experience exposed him to an integrated approach to health care. He graduated with a Masters in Oriental Medicine from The Florida College of Integrative Medicine in 2006.
His interest in natural healing has led him into extensive training in nutritional consulting, metabolic disorders, neurotransmitter testing and related modalities.   His core belief is that true healing comes by assisting the body’s natural healing potential using the best of Eastern healing with the understanding of modern Western science.  To this end he employs a wide variety of healing techniques from herbs and acupuncture to massage and nutritional supplements in the quest to heal the whole person.
Currently Dr. Moreau, is on the faculty of the Florida College of Integrative Medicine where he teaches a variety of courses including Food Therapy, and Herb /Drug  Interactions.

His main hobby is organic farming and has completed a 4 year farm apprenticeship where he observed the true health comes from properly grown produce and grass-fed animals.