Jennifer Hornburg, CLC
Jennifer Hornburg, CLCCo-founder, Owner & Practitioner

After years of attempting to squish her intuitive gifts and spiritual self into the corporate mold, Jennifer Hornburg realized that her life’s purpose wasn’t to be found in a business suit and pumps, so she quit her “safe” job and launched into a journey of self-awareness, personal growth and spiritual questing.

Jennifer launched her private practice in 2005 and since then has helped her clients heal issues with anxiety, trauma, depression, communication, emotional struggles, boundary setting and more. She has an innate ability to get right to the heart of healing, using her intuitive gifts to help her clients change their lives in ways they never thought possible.

She utilizes her extensive background in media and marketing to facilitate corporate trainings on emotional health and communication in the workplace.

She has the ability to make everyone feel at home and inspires her clients to feel empowered and optimistic. She asks the question…Who is driving your bus? And allows her clients to feel safe and hopeful.

Brian Hornburg, MSOM
Brian Hornburg, MSOMCo-founder, Owner & Practitioner

Brian has been interested in the healing arts his entire life. He studied biology, chemistry, and pre-med during his undergraduate at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In his spare time he studied philosophy, religion, and spirituality. He particularly favored eastern philosophies which led him away from the western medicine path.

Brian found his way into business management through his work in restaurants. He learned the culinary arts through many talented chefs that passed their knowledge and experience to him through hands on training. As he grew out of the restaurant industry, he decided to use his management skills in the construction industry where he had roots from learning the trade from his father. During this time his passion for helping people to heal resurfaced.
After years of studying independently, he found his way to eastern medicine and energy healing. He attained his Reiki Master certification in 2008. He has also been working with crystals and their healing properties for much of his life. He has used his understanding of vibrational healing to help bring his clients into balance and heal their ailments.
Brian completed his post graduate studies at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine, where he received his Bachelor’s in Health Science and Master’s in Oriental Medicine.
During his studies, Brian and his wife, Jennifer worked diligently to open The Center of Wellness, a holistic healthcare facility in Maitland, Florida. They were introduced to First Alternatives and Avazzia at a trade show where they experienced the healing capabilities first hand. Brian immediately took to the technology and has built his oriental medicine practice around the Avazzia.

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At The Center of Wellness, we do not just provide holistic healing services! We strive for the best customer care we can give, and the expansion of your knowledge with our classes and events. Come see us!

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Our Valuable Team Members

Steve Moreau
Steve MoreauAcupuncture Physician
Steve’s interest in natural healing started in his early college years with an avid interest in herbal healing that has since expanded. His overseas experience exposed him to an integrated approach to health care. He graduated with a Masters in Oriental Medicine from The Florida College of Integrative Medicine in 2006 … Read More
Terisa Russel
Terisa RusselMassage Therapist MA42761
Terisa Russell is a highly regarded Licensed Massage Therapist in the Central Florida area. She is the founder of Harmonious Healing Massage and has been an LMT for over 12 years’. She graduated from The Florida College of Natural Health in Altamonte Springs, FL. Helping people is her passion; she believes that there is nothing better than being able to relieve people from their pain and discomfort or stress from everyday life. She continually takes courses in varying theraputic modalities to gain knowledge and learn new techniques so that she may bring them to the table. Her specialites include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Ah-shiatsu, and Fire Cupping.