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Stay Healthy the Holistic Way

Stay Healthy the Holistic Way Americans spend over $373 BILLION (yes, that’s BILLION) dollars every year on drugs. On legal drugs. That number is staggering and it increases year after year. We’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, so we’re looking for something…anything…that will make us feel better. And the commercials that we are inundated with claim that pharmaceuticals are the magic bullet. But here’s the catch: those side effects that they rattle off at the end of the commercial. The side effects that keep us stuck on a hamster wheel of pills. And yet, we’re still sick. The magic bullet is making pharmaceutical companies lots of money, but it doesn’t seem to be helping us at all. So what can we do? In ancient times, patients would pay their physician every month to keep them HEALTHY and payment would stop if a sickness occurred. Can you imagine what our healthcare system would look like if we adopted this outlook? What would happen if we shifted our attention from taking drugs to mask our symptoms and really started looking at the root of our problems? Holistic Medicine is designed to be preventative…it helps keep our bodies in balance so we are able to stay healthy and happy. Keeping our immune systems strong is imperative and many times the drugs we are taking to make us “healthy” actually weaken the immune system and make us more susceptible to dis-ease. Here are some excellent options: 1) Acupuncture: this ancient modality stimulates certain points on the body and helps bring the physical, mental and emotional bodies into balance. Acupuncture is hugely beneficial for pain management, anxiety, stress…all the things that can weaken our immune system and [...]

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Animals and Humans Love Avazzia Treatments to Relieve Pain

You've likely been hearing us talk a lot about our new Avazzia devices both on our social networks and in person at the Center. This healthy and natural pain relieving device is made by First Alternative Therapies. As many of our staff members have been training to use the hand-held devices, we can barely contain our excitement to broaden its use and introduce it to our clients. If this is the first you're hearing about it, check out our previous Avazzia blog post to get the full dish! One of the most exciting parts about these Biofeedback Electro-Stimulation Technology (BEST) devices for pain management, is that they are safe to use on humans (including children and adults) and animals! Check out a few pictures from our recent visit to Barrett Farm where we tested out our devices on the beautiful horses, Mac and Wizard. Wizard the horse enjoyed an Avazzia treatment for hot spots. Mac looks very relaxed as Brian begins an Avazzia treatment on his head! Mac the horse received Avazzia treatments in several body parts, including his sore foot! Come in for a treatment or find out how to buy your own device to use at home for yourself and your animals! Call us today at 407-335-4994.

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Top 5 Treatments for Sleep Issues

Sleep disorders and overall trouble with sleep are a big concern for SO MANY of us. With common triggers like stress, sugar, alcohol, anxiety, and nasal congestion, it's one of the most common health issues that drastically affects a person's quality of life. At The Center of Wellness, we use an integrative holistic approach to health care. Many of our top requested treatments are highly effective for improving sleep quality among our clients. If you suffer from any kind of sleep disorder or disruption, call us to book one or more of these treatments and be on the quick road to relief! Acupuncture - Treatments works to rebalance meridians running through the body that are responsible for regulating your circadian rhythms to improve the length, depth, and quality of your sleep. Music Therapy - Using a combination of relaxation techniques, biofeedback, instrument playing, guided imagery, emotional expression and more, music therapy sessions often yield dramatic improvement in sleep duration, help reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, and reduce sleep disruption (such as waking up in the middle of the night). Lymphatic Drainage Massage - This gentle massage therapy is both relaxing and beneficial for sleep. If your sympathetic nervous system (responsible for the "fight or flight" response) is overstimulated from constant stress and anxiety, you may have significant trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Lymphatic drainage massage works to manually detoxify the body and release congestion to quiet down the activity of the sympathetic nervous system and let the body relax. Lymphatic Drainage Facial - Offering the same benefits as the lymph massage, a lymphatic facial specifically helps drain the sinuses, allowing for deep and clear breathing, and therefore, better quality sleep. A lymphatic drainage facial might even make you fall asleep during the session! Ahhh, sweet relaxation. This technique offers bonus [...]

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Relieve Your Pain with New Avazzia Treatments

In recent weeks, The Wellness Center began working with First Alternative Therapies to offer an exciting new device called Avazzia to our clients. Avazzia is a hand-held high-tech pain management device that uses patented BEST (Biofeedback Electro-Stimulation Technology) to produce micro-current electrical impulses that interact with your body's nervous system using electrodes placed on your skin. The device quickly relieves pain (lasting up to 12 hours or more), reduces inflammation, smooths and improves scar tissue, and offers lasting results. It works naturally by gently stimulating your body's ability to resolve pain without drugs or surgery, not just put a band-aid over it. This new technology is both convenient and effective and is also FDA approved for pain relief! Avazzia CEO Tim B. Smith invented the device in 2004. In earlier years, Tim worked as an engineer for Texas Instruments, engineering technology used in F-14/F-15 military jets,  micro-technology for the telecom industry, and the chips used to create the first Apple and IBM computers. If you're dealing with any chronic or acute pain, we promise you'll want to try out Avazzia and add it to your routine holistic care at The Center of Wellness. Avazzia can help with pain relief for a huge variety of pain issues including, but not limited to: Back pain Plantar fasciitis Rotator cuff pain Carpal tunnel syndrome Fibromyalgia Athletic injury joint pain Neuropathy connected to diabetes, cancer and other conditions Dental extraction and root canal pain Peripheral neuropathy Post-surgical pain Our owner Brian Hornburg has been using Avazzia on the scar on his knee, experiencing dramatic results with pain and reducing the appearance of his scar tissue. Brian Hornburg, Co-founder of The Wellness Center of Sanford, Owner & Practitioner Brian's knee BEFORE using the Avazzia device Brian's knee [...]

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We Sell Farm Fresh Food!

At The Center of Wellness we are proud to offer our clients an incredibly diverse range of holistic health services.  We're constantly thinking outside the box to add to our menu of integrative holistic health care. One of our most popular services that really makes us unique is our partnership with the local supplier Farm Fresh Direct 2U. The foods we eat play an integral part in our health. We know that food is medicine and a person's health is dramatically affected by the foods he or she eats. The Center of Wellness is thrilled to not only offer nutritional coaching, but we sell healthy farm fresh food right on site! The Center of Wellness is the primary pick-up location and main hub for farm fresh food in our area. Available at affordable prices and easy pickup at our offices, we offer Farm Fresh Direct 2U's local and extremely fresh: grass-fed beef bacon milk soy-free eggs free-range chicken butter cheeses It’s easy to order and schedule bi-weekly pick-ups with us! Grass-fed and free-range meat and dairy are not only better choices for the safety and care of the animals and our planet, they are much healthier for you to eat. Grass-fed food is richer in vitamins E, A, B12, folic acid, and beta-carotene and also higher in the cancer-fighting fat CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). The difference between local grass-fed food and store-bought is truly remarkable. Excited to learn more? Join us for a field trip with Farm Fresh Direct 2 U on Saturday, April 25. Details here.

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The Best and Worst Foods for Your Anxiety

When it comes to managing your anxiety levels, the foods you eat are just as important as your quality of sleep and daily stress levels. As part of a total body wellness plan, you can adopt a natural daily diet rich in the foods on our Best list and low in the foods on our Worst list to get noticeable and stable relief from anxiety. BEST Green tea - Drink several cups of green tea throughout your day to load up on the naturally occurring amino acid L-theanine to help you stay calm and relaxed without feeling drowsy. Pumpkin seeds and chia seeds - Rich in tryptophan, an essential amino acid that boosts serotonin production in your body, these seeds improve your sleep and mood. Leafy greens (such as kale, spinach, and collards) - Eat a daily dose of greens as a sandwich topper or a side salad for dinner to soak up your B vitamins which are absolutely essential for your body to manage stress and anxiety. Avocados - Also rich in those good mood B vitamins, Avocados are also a source of healthy omega-3 fats which not only make you feel good but also lower your blood pressure. WORST Candy and sugary drinks - Avoid eating candy and processed sugars which give you a short-lived boost and then a big drop when the sugar wears off. For sustained energy, eat fresh slices of your favorite sweet fruit when you need a snack. They are also hydrating and full of fiber to keep you satisfied. Excess caffeine and alcohol - While it's fine to have a morning cup of coffee, avoid drinking excess caffeine throughout your day and having more than one alcoholic drink at night. If you suffer from anxiety, these stimulating drinks can disrupt your sleep even [...]

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Top 5 Health Benefits of Acupuncture

As one of the most effective healing modalities available on earth, with no side effects or pain throughout treatment, it’s surprising more people have not tried acupuncture. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that has been used for thousands of years to identify and treat disease and improve overall health by correcting energy imbalances in the body. During treatments, acupuncturists gently insert small needles along specific points on the energy lines flowing through your body to restore your flow of energy (or “qi”). Once the needles are in, you’ll lay back and relax in a quiet and tranquil room while your healing takes place. At The Center of Wellness in Maitland, we have three incredible acupuncturists on staff, with a diverse range of specialties to meet all of our clients needs. If you’re curious about trying out this ancient healing technique, consider these top five benefits you’ll enjoy after treatment: A boost of energy. You’ll likely feel an immediate boost of energy and mental clarity after an acupuncture treatment that can last for several days or weeks. Clear sinuses. Acupuncture can significantly alleviate acute and chronic sinusitis (inflammation and swelling of the sinuses), allowing you to breathe easier during the day and night and enjoy spending more time outdoors. Relaxation. During each acupuncture treatment, you’ll have at least 25 minutes to be still, breathe deeply, listen to tranquil music, and enjoy soft and soothing lighting in a private room. It’s your time to heal and spend quality time on YOU. Strengthened fertility. By re-establishing the flow in your energy channels, acupuncture can bring harmony back to your reproductive system, regulate hormones, increase blood flow to reproductive organs, improve sperm and egg count, and more. [...]

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April Newsletter!

Spring has Sprung! We all know how exciting this time of the year can be, seeing signs of new life sprouting up around every corner is so beautiful and refreshing. The energy of this season has brought so many new and wonderful things to The Center as well!  We're here to make sure you don't miss a beat. Come get a little pep in your step with our new B-12 (immune system and metabolism boost) and Traumeel (knock out the pain) injections!  Only $30 or $25 added on to a treatment.     Get a jump start on your summer glow with our Organic Facials. We use two wonderful product lines, Aleavia and Tamarah's Secret. Both are created by local Orlando women and have not one chemical. They're so natural you could eat them!    Spring is all about new beginnings and there is no better place to let it all go than The Center. Come indulge in a little me time with our Pure Pampering Package, which includes an hour and a half Massage AND an hour Organic Facial. Or Jen's fave, the fabulous Mommy & Me Package where you can drop your little angel off for an hour of Play or Music Therapy and enjoy a guilt-free hour of your own blissing out with a Massage, Personal Yoga Instruction, Acupuncture or Organic Facial. We're excited to share that we've added the magical Gay Lacy, LMT to our Dream Team! Gay specializes in Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Foot Reflexology, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Raindrop Therapy and Reiki. The combination of all these techniques equal an hour and a half unlike anything you've ever experienced.    You can now create a Benefit Account with us [...]

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February is Starting out amazing

February is off to a great start! We kicked off with our Dream Team creating an Intention Setting Ceremony and infusing the space with all of our hopes and wishes for everyone who walks through the doors. The next day we celebrated our Open House where almost 300 of you filled our beautiful Center with even more love and positive energy. Next up we've got two awesome classes this weekend and we are still sharing Center Cash ($10 off your first session)! Upcoming Classes this weekend! Saturday, 2/8 from 10-12 Relationship Astrology with Dr. Steve Moreau. Sunday, 2/9 from 10-12 Hormones 101 with Dr. Monica Bradnan Sign up Today! Thank you for all your love and support! Brian and Jen

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Center of Wellness Gift Cards

What better gift to give this holiday season than the gift of HEALTH? The Center is now offering gift cards that can be used for services (acupuncture, massage, life coaching, music therapy, personal yoga and MORE), classes (astrology readings, tai chi, crystal bowl meditation and MORE) and merchandise (healing crystals, chakra balancing jewelry, herbs and MORE). Best. Present. EVER!!

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